Become An Ambassador

Why should you be an ambassador?

Becoming an ambassador is for those individuals who want to get deeply involved with Make-A-Change Inc. These position’s will allow people to be more hands on with making a change and make a bigger impact with us in kids lives. This could include helping bring Make-A-Change Inc. to your area, being on the Gala Committee, coordinating fundraisers, etc.


Ambassador Overview

Do you love philanthropy and helping children in need? This position may be great for you. The ambassador position is a chance to be a volunteer leader in our organization. We are looking for a team of world changers! Here are the duties to being an official lead ambassador. There are many ways to get involved with Make-A-Change Inc., like donations, volunteering, merchandise purchases, etc. We have given some ideas below:

Let us know below how you want to get involved and we can get you involved!

Coordinate fundraisers

Volunteer on event committees and recruit sponsors, volunteers, and donations for events

Promote Make-A-Change Inc. on social media and word of mouth

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