Over 850 Children and Families Impacted As of October!

After a ton of baseball games all summer long, we were able to give some kids some amazing experiences watching broadway shows in Ohio and Massachusetts from Peter Pan to Goosebumps! Check out what one of the parents had to say
“Our FD for 3 years, said she wants to take acting classes now It was great to look on each side of me and just see the kids’ face in amazement and curiosity and just anticipation for the next scene. ‘It was better than a movie’ one of them said. Thank you again for the opportunity”
Not only did we have another successful Blue Man Group show for our group of foster families who had a ton of fun, but we were able to kick it again with football season in Minnesota! This awesome father and son were able to see the Vikings get a home win while having some great bonding time together in bring joy to this boys life! After ending the month with having 150 foster families and children attend our Red Apple Farm here in Central Massachusetts, I must say October was an amazing month!

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