First awards will be awarded at our annual Charity Gala!

Director of the Year

awarded to the director who was able to dedicate the most time toward the cause of making a change. They value the 3 aspects of Make-A-Change Inc. Faith, Family, and Finances.

Ambassador of the Year

awarded to the ambassador who helped raise the most money, recruit the most people, and helped the most kids in our efforts to make a change!

Volunteer of the Year

awarded to the volunteer who has dedicated the most time to Make-A-Change Inc. in the past 12 months.

President’s Award

awarded to an individual who has exemplified Make-A-Change Inc. the most in his or her life. One can only be awarded this award once in a decade.

Make-A-Change Award

awarded to an individual who has helped impact more children in the last 12 months than any other individual through day trips, events, and groups that benefited children in need.

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