Make-A-Change Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization committed to helping children who have fallen victim to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Josh Therrien, the child of parents who have fallen victim to drugs and alcohol is determined to make a difference. He was born into a home where drugs and alcohol almost ruined his family. At a very young age his father died as a result of drugs and alcohol abuse, and years later his mother also succumbed to drugs and alcohol and passed away while Josh was attending college. Josh’s Aunt and Uncle intervened during his childhood and helped him carry on by showing him love and hope. They began to guide and direct him on how to succeed in life as a young man. Looking back at his life Josh remembers deciding at a young age that he wanted to MAKE A CHANGE in his family and in the lives of other children.

Shortly before he got married the opportunity came for him and his fiancé to be a great blessing in the lives of his nieces and nephews. At the altar at the age of 22 with his 19 year old wife to be Emily, he told her, “The fact that you are standing here with me, marrying me, with these kids in our lives, shows me the faithfulness you have in your heart.” At that moment Josh and Emily, who have always dreamed of making a difference, were already accomplishing their dream by becoming parents to his nieces and nephews.

Just a couple short years later, they decided to start a non-profit dedicated to helping children in similar circumstances, that’s when Make-A-Change Inc. was started. As time went on, tons of people began to get involved, so they realized it was time to expand the leadership team! Business’ began to sponsor and the vision became a reality.

Our mission is to help plant a seed of hope in children who are going through hardships like loss of a parent, drug addiction, foster care, abuse, neglect, etc. These kids often have a hard time creating many good memories growing up, we want to help make a change to that in hopes to change their life. We are an organization that the kids can look up to and be mentored by.

We help bring memories to these kids by sending them on different trips and sponsoring programs like music or baseball, in order to create new lasting memories for them to look back on. During our impact, each child will be loved and impacted in ways that could change their life. We are working on developing an online education platform to be able to provide for these children everywhere!

We may not be able to impact the entire world, but we are dedicated to doing what we can in making a change one child, one community, and one city at a time. We want to lead children to faith, to encourage them so they can be the one who defeats the odds. We want to illuminate people’s lives, when they seem to be in a dark place. This can only be done through your help by participating in events, sponsorships and through donating. We challenge you to day to help join our cause to make a change and be unified today! Make-A-Change!

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