This internship is unpaid and available to current college students to provide experience and mentorship in the business world and non-profit coordinating. This particular internship will require students to perform many company tasks which will be outlined in this document. Student must do research to gain knowledge on how to effectively complete company tasks. The length of this internship can increase after discussion with directors. At the end of the internship, the student will provide a report to give his or her feedback on what they have learned and achieved in the process. The student will report to a director once a week with a brief email explaining what he or she accomplished during that week to

Tasks students will complete and gain experience in during their internship:

  • Social Media Marketing Expansion: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn
  • Student will help create and coordinate, under direct supervision, an event for charity that will help raise money for Make-A-Change Inc. which includes: calling venues/business’ and getting prices/donations, strategizing ways of raising money during event with raffles and tickets, and marketing the event to get as many people to attend the event as possible.
  • Website blog content writing and editing
  • SEO research and development

Intern will gain in-depth knowledge of what it takes to run an effective marketing platform via social media for a non-profit. Through research and practicing, student will learn what it takes to optimize a company website so that it can show up in the top for Google searches to get more customer traffic. You will gain in-depth experience in event coordinating, sales, and management.

In the first couple weeks, the intern will start off by researching different forms of marketing effectively on social media – how to reach more people with ads and how to write key website content, then write a small synopsis on how to do so. During this the student will take over the social media platform and help grow the brand on social media, while all content is overseen. Throughout the internship the student will practice, edit, and propose blogs and to help build strong SEO for our company website. The student will help coordinate a program that will help raise money for a charity to raise money for Make-A-Change Inc. and market sponsors in the process. Student will end writing a small report on experiences throughout internship. The event and report will determine students passing grade from Make-A-Change Inc.

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