Our team went into Boston on July 9, 2016 and we were unified on our first mission to help those who are homeless and in need. We had a pizza party with the homeless where our team prepared and delivered this Make-A-Change Event with outstanding results. We were able to feed over 80 homeless people with 10 donated pizzas! We thank our donors and everyone who was able to contribute to the project. This couldn’t happen without receiving donations from friends, family, and many companies.We were able to be a blessing to these wonderful people’s lives by being able to talk with them and love them as human beings, which sometimes may be forgotten. Wayback Burger of Stoughton, MA offered wonderful contributions and offered more help in the future. Panera Bread has offered us the unsold pastries to be able to hand out to the hungry. We are going to continue to be a blessing to these people’s lives more in the future and we are only able to do this from help with others.

Pizza Party with the Homeless in Boston, Massachusetts
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